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5 Reasons Why You Need A Skincare Routine In 2022

By January 10, 2022No Comments

  When you hear the phrase “skincare routine,” what comes to mind? I’m sure you’re picturing a long tedious procedure of layering creams and oils that may or may not enhance your skin’s state. I’m also betting that the craze over the ’10-steps Korean Skincare Routine’ a few years ago discouraged your efforts to maintain a consistent skincare routine.

  One widespread misconception about having a skincare routine is that it must be a multi-step process, but I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be and something as basic as cleansing, moisturizing, and applying sunscreen on a regular basis counts as a routine. I’ll go ahead and explain why having a skincare routine is useful, easy to start, and necessary. Let’s get right to the point!


1. It helps you understand your skin better


Did you know that your skin goes through a 14-28-day cycle in which new skin appears on the surface and old dead skin cells gradually fall off? I didn’t know either! It wasn’t until I started researching more on skincare that I discovered this process is known as ‘cell-turnover.’ Unbeknownst to us, our skin is developing every day and the older skin is falling off without our notice. This was a fascinating discovery that influenced the way I think about skincare and the products I use in my routine. Thanks to this new information I better understood my skin cycle, and why it reacts the way it does to certain things.

Prior to having this knowledge, I would apply products randomly and hope for the best, but learning how the skincare universe works taught me that there are foundations needed to aid the entire process, such as exfoliating at least 2-3 times a week to help unclog the pores (acne is mostly caused by clogged pores), and my skin must be hydrated to provide enough moisture to function properly and not clog.

In other words, having a skincare routine allows you to tackle your skin troubles from the underlying cause, rather than relying on a fast fix of “whatever works.” Another significant benefit of better understanding my skin was that I felt less worried anytime I noticed a new blemish or something unusual on my face because I could readily trace back my activities to see what had caused it. To be honest, it’s the best feeling I’ve ever had because I’m now more relaxed and secure with what’s going on in my face. The bottom line is that having a skincare routine can help you understand what your skin really needs (rather than what you believe it needs), as well as provide you with some peace of mind.


2. It frees your skin of external bacteria and pollution:


 This goes without saying; just as we wash our hands with soap to protect ourselves from germs and bacteria, we can apply the same rationale to our skincare routine. Every time we go outside, there is a slew of unseen radicals in the air, waiting to settle on our faces. This is why it is vital to cleanse your skin after a day’s activity. This single action not only removes bacteria from your skin but also serves to protect your skin from the bacterium’s potential reactions.


3. Reduces the speed of our process by protecting your skin from harsh weather:


  Lately, there has been lots of educational content around the importance of applying sunscreen every day and how no skincare routine is complete without SPF (sunscreen), and this is for a very valid reason. Most people are aware that too much exposure to the sun is bad for our skin whereby the UV rays weaken the skin barrier walls made to keep our skin safe and healthy for as long as possible. This fact is very concerning because naturally as time goes by, our skin begins to lose the ability to produce enough minerals that maintain its firmness and elasticity, but direct exposure to the sun accelerates the aging process of your skin (this is called photoaging).

In other words,  having a daily routine that includes sunscreen does not only protects but also reduces the damage the sun can do to your cells. Also, the other products included in your routine play their roles in providing your skin with sufficient minerals necessary to keep the skin healthy, so the combined effort with all the products in your routine, and a suncream slows down the process of the appearance of wrinkles and aging signs on your face.


4. It helps supplement the necessary minerals in our skin:

The skin is an amazing and self-sufficient organ that has all the minerals it needs. But like most things, the skin also needs supplements and support in producing enough of those minerals, so by applying skincare products that play that role for your skin, you are aiding it in being healthy. For instance, by applying a vitamin-c serum you are providing your skin with really great antioxidant nutrient, that helps brighten the skin and aid your skin’s ability to produce more collagen that keeps it firm.
We take supplements all the time for one reason or the other, so just think of a skincare routine as a supplement for your skin’s health.



5.  Gives your skin a healthy and radiant look:


A lot of people already have beautiful and radiant-looking skin, but for those that don’t and would like their skin to look more radiant, well adding a daily skincare routine to your activities is the solution to that!
Think of it as a self-care activity where you relax your nerves, unwind, and just take care of yourself by applying skin-enriching products on your face. To be honest, we all need to pamper and show love to ourselves, I strongly believe having a skincare routine is high on that self-care list.

 To close off, having a skincare routine does not imply flawless skin in weeks, but a steady healthy-looking skin that is well nourished, protected, and nurtured towards looking its best. I hope you consider starting a skincare routine, and if you have no clue on when or how to begin, you can start by finding out your skin type, then start using a cleanser, moisturizer, and suncream that works well with your skin.


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