Brand Story

I’m Jay, Millford Brand Founder.

Let me share with you a story about how I decided to start my own brand.

In 2007, I went on a lovely trip with my family to Milford Sound, New Zealand. That trip felt like a gift to me. What can be more pleasant than spending time with your loved ones surrounded by beautiful nature? At that point, I realized that I would like to bring a part of that beauty to Korea and give it to the whole world in my own way. And I thought, what can be better than sharing it through skincare?

A long, challenging but very eventful process of development has begun. I had to find all the essential formulas that are needed for a perfect daily skincare routine for all age groups. And most important I had to make it simple to use but very effective at the same time.

And finally, it happened… After such a long time, me and my team launched Millford in September 2021.

Millford is my precious gift to you for a pleasant skincare journey.

Our brand has slogans for each product line that represents and conveys the message we want everyone who reads this to receive:

  1. ‘Better Than Now’ : This is for those with skin trouble, we are encouraging you to take charge and get rid of those blackheads and acne spots.
  2. ‘Youthful Like A Blooming Flower’ :  This slogan for our hydrating line is to emphasize the need for us to show love to our skin all day, every day. No matter what stage you are in skincare, keeping the skin hydrated is a necessity to maintain youthful radiant skin, so we implore you to show love by staying hydrated.
  3. ‘You Are Still Beautiful’ : We hope this slogan made for our slow-aging line gives confidence to those of us worried about wrinkles and sagging skin. We want to remind you that no matter what age you are, you will always have that charm and glamour to last a lifetime.
  4. ‘For Dear You’ :  This is a multi-purpose line that includes products for all skin types. One line for all to use and keep healthy skin.
We genuinely hope our products will serve as a gift and give your skin all the nutrients it needs
We are also very enthusiastic and excited to start this new skincare journey with you!
Let’s call this Day 1 together!