A Gift To You For A Healthy Skin

We are a K-skincare brand that curates high-quality products using safe ingredients thats gifts your skin all the necessaey natural nutrients its needs to flourish and be healthy!
We consider ourselves cheerleaders in your skincare journey because we genuinely wish our products give you the beautiful glowing skin you deserve!


The name Millford was inspired by the ‘Milford Sound Fjord’ in the southwest of New Zealand which is a stunning natural gift to us from nature. We were intrigued by the calm, clarity, and sheer beauty of this place, so we decided to create a as skincare brand that encompasses the elements we felt from this place. We hope our products will channel those feelings to you as well on your skincare journey.

Our brand has slogans for each product line that represents and conveys the message we want everyone who reads this to receive:

  1. ‘Be Your Own Master’ : This is for those with skin trouble, we are encouraging you to take charge and get rid of those blackheads and acne spots, be the master of your own skin.
  2. ‘Love Your Skin’ :  This slogan for our hydrating line is to emphasize the need for us to show love to our skin all day, every day. No matter what stage you are in skincare, keeping the skin hydrated is a necessity to maintain youthful radiant skin, so we implore you to show love by staying hydrated.
  3. ‘Everlasting Allure’ : We hope this slogan made for our slow-aging line gives confidence to those of us worried about wrinkles and sagging skin. We want to remind you that no matter what age you are, you will always have that charm and glamour to last a lifetime.
  4. ‘One for All’ :  This is a multi-purpose line that includes the whole. One product for all to use and keep healthy skin.
We genuinely hope our products will serve as a gift and give your skin all the nutrients it needs
We are also very enthusiastic and excited to start this new skincare journey with you!
Let’s call this Day 1 together!