Better Than Now - AC Line (75 × 33.75 in) (2560 x 853 px) (Instagram Post)
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We want you to be confident in your skin have fun with skincare enjoy healthy skin

Our Care Lines:

Gift Yourself A Healthy & Glowing Skin

Not Sure Where to Begin?

You Can Start With These

  • Deep Hydrating Daily Cream


Not Sure Where to Begin?
Start with these!

  • Deep Hydrating Daily Cream

  • AC Oil-Free Hydrating Jelly


What people are saying about our products:

Deep Hydrating Daily Cream

Amazing! It was silky and hydrating but most importantly light & never sticky! I could feel and see that my skin was able to maintain more moisture than normal.

These days the AC is running 24-7 and it really dries out my skin. After using this for about 3 weeks my skin hasn’t had any dry patches and it looks plump and hydrated!

Skin Type: Dry

AC Oil-free Hydrating Jelly & AC Triple Acid Toner

Due to stress, I have breakouts with severe acne on my forehead. So I tried using Centella products that my mom recommended…they didn’t really work so decided to try this new brand’s acne products (jelly cream & AC toner)

It’s been working! my skin feels smoother and a lot of the spots are healing rapidly. Highly recommend

K. *Hyun
Skin Type: Normal Combination, Acne-prone

Deep Hydrating Daily Serum

The serum has a really nice consistency. It didn’t leave any sticky feeling on my skin. Very easy to use, it spreads evenly across the face and quickly absorbs into the skin. My skin immediately looked more nourished and moisturized.

Skin type: Normal to Dry