Deep Hydrating Daily Cream


Concerned about dry skin? We got you covered!
This hydrating cream contains hydrating and moisturizing ingredients like 10% Panthenol, Betaine, and Arginine, which ensure that your skin has all the moisture it needs.

Our deep hydrating line is made to support an already beautiful and radiantly youthful skin that does not need much to keep shinning! so we encourage you to always…
…Love Your Skin!

Volume: 80 ml
Skin Type: Dry and combination skin types


  • Penetrates the skin and provides deep long-lasting hydration
  • Prevents rapid moisture loss by strengthening the skin barrier
  • Helps retain moisture by bonding with water molecules already
    present in the skin
  • Thanks to ingredients like Betaine, it is also anti-inflammatory thereby relieving your skin of irritation or discomfort

This cream is:

  • Made of 100% safe ingredients
  • Fragrance-free
  • Cruelty-free


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Keeps Your Skin Hydrated All Year Round

Dehydrated skin isn’t just for persons with dry skin types, and skin hydration isn’t just for cold, dry weather.

Furthermore, being exposed to the scorching sun without protection dehydrates our skin and lowers the skin’s natural lubricant, weakening our skin’s barriers and reducing its flexibility.

This is why we must restore lost moisture in our skin in order to protect our skin’s barriers, maintain suppleness, and slow the pace of moisture loss.

We made a cream that serves your need for moisture & hydration.
It protects and replenishes your skin with the moisture and hydration you truly deserve come rain, come sunshine.

Keep your skin healthy and youthful by staying hydrated!
Love Your Skin!

It’s 3 Main Benefit for Your Skin:


It takes your skin to the next level of healthy by leaving no space dry, this cream will penetrate through every last pore on your skin to ensure hydration is achieved and retained.

A weak or damaged skin barrier results in a rapid loss of moisture (something we all do not want). This is why our cream will be there to shield your skin barrier from harsh weather and pollutions that are trying to tear down its walls.

Inflammation on the skin comes with discomfort and irritation, which is why our moisturizer also possesses a soothing property that provides calm to your skin.

Direction for Use:

Scoop enough cream on your hands and gently rub it all over the face.
It can be used both morning and night.

Tips By Skin Type

As this cream contains a very high rate of hyaluronic acids, a little amount will go a long way.

Normal Skin Type:
Applying a little quantity of this cream should keep your skin hydrated.

Normal Dry & Very Dry Skin Type:
Depending on how much hydration you need, feel free to re-apply multiple times for better hydration.


Water, Panthenol, Butylene Glycol, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower)
Seed Oil, Glycerin, 1,2-Hexanediol, Cetearyl Alcohol, Cetearyl Olivate, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Betaine, Sorbitan
Olivate, Hydroxyethyl Acrylate/Sodium AcryloyldimethylTaurate
Copolymer, Dimethicone, Ethylhexylglycerin, Allantoin,
Arginine, Carbomer, Xanthan Gum, Citrus Limon (Lemon) peel oil



A white creamy texture, gentle on the skin and absorbs easily

Always remember to love your skin!

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Very smooth and calming

Very smooth and calming. I loved how my skin felt afterwards. The ingredients are very good, especially for sensitive and acne prone skin like mine. There was no perfume or alcohol, which I prefer the most. Very good product! 🤎🙌🏼
The cream worked very well on my skin. It helped me to moisture my skin and a calming effect.

I like that it wasn’t too thick and it set into my skin easily.

I like that it wasn’t too thick and it set into my skin easily, bu there was a slight chemical smell.
I think the packaging is nice and eye catching. The product felt light on my skin and it definitely made a difference. I also used it under my make-up and it didn’t make my make-up slide like some other moisturizers do.

Tha* An
It was smooth and absorbed quickly without leaving any oily residue

The cream absorbed quickly and helped my skin stay moisturized.
The packaging is clear and simple, making it look professional. The skincare products, especially the cream, absorbs well and makes my skin feel good and moisturized. I'm so happy I got to add the Deep Hydrating series of cream, toner, and serum to my skincare collection!
I would like a bit more fragrant for the cream.

my skin improved a lot, it looks more radiant and feels softer

It is refreshing, my skin is much more hydrated, the texture is perfect, it does not leave the skin oily.
The only thing for me is that it doesn't have a scent? I'm used to having products come with a scent, it's not a big detail actually.

Amazing! and it didn’t irritate my skin at all

I have dry skin even during the summer, and it kept me moisturized morning and night. The minimal scent was great too.